Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Review: Megamind

"I try to use a much more humble name, Megamind", This is what Megamind said when in the prologue of the movie. Megamind is not a movie under 12-years olds, but for someone older (like me), it was a really a fun and laugh out laugh movie. Movies typically tells a story about a hero and his struggles. But in Megamind, Dreamworks decided to put villains as protagonis, in a good way.

The story is not as brilliant as it seems, the story is very predictable with its directions. The only surprise of the movies is what happened to Metro Man (Not a spoiler), the rest just go along.

Why I said 12-year-olds won't find this movie funny? Well, the humours in the movie are very adult orientated, for example politics, love triangles, musics, tributes to other movie... These jokes usually don't work towards kids and I know it by seeing those children's response to the jokes, only 6 of us laughing most of the time (the audiences sure felt weird). For me, the jokes are really nice and me and my cousins and sisters laughed really loud at the cinema...

Verdict: 3.5/5

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