Saturday, 3 February 2007

Thoughts before the Formula 1 2007 seasons start

Hmmm, I have been watching Formula 1 for 6 years now, 2007 mark the 7th years I watch Formula 1. Formula 1 has many controversies over the past few years, examples like frequent changing rules of the sports, it happened at 2007 even before the season starts!!!

Lets recap the controversies of 2005 and 2006. At 2005, engine rule to change to 2 races per engine, it is too test teams engine reliability and single tyre set in a race only, which caused a lot accidents. At 2006, Michael Schumacher "parked" his Ferrari F248 at the Monaco street circuit, still is mystery whether he did it accidentally or it was a team order.

At 2007, Super Aguri created a 2007 car, similiar to Honda 2006 winning car, who supply Super Aguri F1 engines, and Red Bull and its sister team, Toro Rosso, had similiar car. The teams are not allowed to copy "customer cars" design until 2008 regulations. Many teams are debating about this issue.

Comparison between 2006 Honda (right) and Super Aguri.

unclear: Red bull 2007 (right) and Toro Rosso 2007
The 2007 season haven't even started yet, so many team still keep their car in factory, not yet released the chassis and the model, next time I will post more pictures of new F1 cars.