Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Orianthi Panagaris

Umm... Many people who watched Michael Jackson's This Is It will probably know her, she was the guitarist of MJ's planned 50 sold out concert in London.

Actually, she is a singer, which is not famous until the day the rehearsal videos leaked onto YouTube and she's getting more and more attentions these days...

This is one of her song from her new album (Believe):

Now, getting back to study...

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Idol Battle Season 9 V2: New Singles

Well, last time in many Internet poll, Kris Allen won the battle of No Boundaries, beating Adam Lambert.

Now, both singers have their new singles coming out at the same time. Kris Allen make his rendition of Live Like We're Dying, a song by The Script, then Adam release another song called Time For Miracles, which is used in the soundtrack of 2012...

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Kris Allen

Live Like Were Dying - Kris Allen

Sunday, 1 November 2009

This Is It

"Concert in Cinema?! Waste money leh...", this is mind of most Malaysians when we said about concert movies. I have doubt about This Is It because I didn't know whether it would be a hit, but since it is Michael Jackson, I said the movie will take off the concert movies genre in Malaysia... And I specially took out my study time to watch this movie.

There are two words I'm going to say "Absolutely Stunning!!!" I am amazed by those dancers, choreographers, musicians and MJ himself make those creative moves and those beats. Practice makes perfects, these words can describe them... Their dance moves and music, they just do it like saying ABC, vowing everyone...

Music videos like Smooth Criminal, Earth Song, They Don't Care About Us and Thriller are specially recreated for the concert. All those scenes and performance merged seamlessly and feels like it is coming from 1 stage... His rehearsal is even better than some of the live acts these days

I gotta say even though the movie is fun to watch, I feel sad too... Watching those scenes, we all knew at that time Michael was just hours away from his tragic death, and this is his last work. His ambition to create a magical concert for the audiences in the UK never happened. Those worked with him for the concerts must be shocked and sad, knowing their difficult auditions, practices and dreams to perform with him were shattered...

We have Elvis, The Beatles, but no one has ever match the magnitude the King of Pop created...
And we all won't know, when there will be another pop sensation like him. Probably 10 years? 20? 50? 100? We really won't know... The King of Pop's shoes is hard to fit in

Verdict: No Score (Incomparable)

Last Day of Ah Chow

Well, it's the last day we tuition at Ah Chow... Next month no more, as we all ready for SPM... We can no longer chat with him, listen to his nonsense and undoubtedly, his ridiculous jokes...

Ah Chow moments and quote (F4-F5):
  • "BM is not for human to study one"
  • "BM Literature, all stupid ending"
  • "Chiak Chao ar!!!"
  • "Put hen as your tattoo and those mob won't challenge you for a fight"
  • His face when can't fight back words we said at him
  • Keep praising his PS3 and Blu-Ray
  • Use Akon's Right Now as his ringtone
  • "BM A1 is impossible, aim A2 or B3 can liao" =.='''
  • Learned the art of spamming at facebook
  • A tech junkie, can't stop talking about tech at tuition

P.S. Mr. Chow, really don't want sell me PS3 meh?