Sunday, 1 November 2009

Last Day of Ah Chow

Well, it's the last day we tuition at Ah Chow... Next month no more, as we all ready for SPM... We can no longer chat with him, listen to his nonsense and undoubtedly, his ridiculous jokes...

Ah Chow moments and quote (F4-F5):
  • "BM is not for human to study one"
  • "BM Literature, all stupid ending"
  • "Chiak Chao ar!!!"
  • "Put hen as your tattoo and those mob won't challenge you for a fight"
  • His face when can't fight back words we said at him
  • Keep praising his PS3 and Blu-Ray
  • Use Akon's Right Now as his ringtone
  • "BM A1 is impossible, aim A2 or B3 can liao" =.='''
  • Learned the art of spamming at facebook
  • A tech junkie, can't stop talking about tech at tuition

P.S. Mr. Chow, really don't want sell me PS3 meh?


盈盈 said...

oh, he is still so cute after all these years (^^)

薇薇 said...

still very miao tiao

like cacing :P