Friday, 30 January 2009

Goodbye S2000

I really hate this car to be ceased from production sometime in 2009... It is nice car, suitable for anyone to drive, reliable, rear wheel drive, powerful and more and more!!! Even Er Jie likes the car when she saw it at Singapore Motorshow... Lets hope Honda make a new model rather than killing off the car...

Let's say goodbye with the last model to be produced... (Above)

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Form 3 classmate reunion dinner!!!

Few hours ago... There's a reunion with my form 3 classmate at nearby BBQ and Steamboat restaurant (Don't know the English name, but i think in English is "Aaron Kwok"... lolz). Anyway we all gather at the restaurant at 6.30 pm... And several of us turned up, Chung Theng and Zhi Hao (both below), Kelvin, Yvonne, Chong Hong, Chean Thern, while waiting for Wan Yi, Zhi Hang, Vivien, Shu Ping and Jackson...

While waiting for them... Try a snapshot for both of them... They are very cute and funny, even when taking pictures... hahaha

Soon they arrived, I took a picture of Chean Thern... Looks so yam

I didn't take any photos until 8 or 9 pm, cuz busy eating dinner... But I took pictures of Jackson and Zhi Hao...One of our steamboat, we put tomyam in it, while others is ginseng and the other one is regular soup... (side of the steamboat is BBQ!!! Woo!!!)Only part of our food, we finished a lot already...
One of the four plates of the BBQ meat, and those four is for five of us (Me, Zhi Hao, Chung Theng, Chong Hong and Chean Thern) and we manage to finish it without any major problem....
The end of the dinner, we try a shot of my camera, which have poor night pictures (see the guy on the right, he is Yvonne's bro, who can talked to us quite a while)Try to act serious...

But can't resist!!!

Counting money... lolz, we're all money face!!!

Before leaving

Make fun of Yvonne's hair...

Final shot of the night!!!

I really enjoy the night, we haven't really spend moment like this for a long long time... I really want to go out with them again... It's really fun!!!

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Sonic Gear Evo7

My sister gave me a Sonic Gear Evo7 2.1 channel speaker!!! And it's very nice... I mean, really nice.... My old speaker is broken so we bought the new one to replace it... and here it is...The logo of Sonic Gear...

Left part of the satellite speaker...
and the Goliath sub woofer

And part of thank you to Dajie!!! This love formed accidentally when I was having dinner!!!

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Transformers 2 Official Poster!

Well, more high-anticipated releases are coming. First, the Terminator. Now, Transformers... So cool!!!

Monday, 5 January 2009

School Reopening

School Reopens anyway....

Every year is the same thing, We go out to the field, listen to Principle talking... Which is the same every year.

After that, we know our class teacher, which is Cikgu Ang Chuan Seng (very kepo wan), he teaches Pendidikan Sivik. So, if Sivik is not in SPM syllabus, my class will have a miserable time during his class.

To learn the truth, our school finest teacher, Tan Pek Soo, is not teaching our class... So, I still have to go to her tuition class... :(

Have to stop writing now, cuz tomorrow got gotong-royong (like the one below)... Basically the whole week is to let us settled down... So see ya...

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Top Gear 2009 calender

I bought Top Gear January edition (I always buy one every month, along with AutoCar ASEAN), and it comes with Top Gear 2009 calender... Sweet!!! And different months with different cars, so nice!!!
At the January page, it features the slick looking Lambo ever!!! The Lamboghini Gallardo LP560-4, even though I hate the colour, but still it looks cutting edge...

The next one features the Jet Fighter inspired supercar, the Lamboghini Reventon. The ultra-exclusive car only have 20 of them made, and have jet plane design all over the car.

Next one is Bugatti Veyron... This is a former fastest production car in the world, now is a American tuner car company holds it, but this car can do a 0-60 mph in 2.8 seconds!

The unisex Ferrari California

Race version of the unpopular Mercedes SLR McLaren 722

Can consider this car an art? I think so...

Petrol burning Dodge Viper ARC, muscle car

Very British car, an Aston Martin....

Race concept and look furious... Mazda Furai

Dodge Challenger, which I think the car looks dated... yucks

Aston Martin DBR9 (I think the R is Racing)

This one is my favourite, the hardcore version of the Ferrari F430... Ferrari 430 Scuderia!!!

I have no place to hang though, so...

Close the door at all times, so I can see the pictures... lolz

Friday, 2 January 2009

Perodua Kelisa

Well, it is a cute car and a nice car too... I agree with everything Christopher said in his blog post couple of weeks ago, the car shouldn't die...

But someone in Britain thinks otherwise:

Thursday, 1 January 2009


2008 is a buh-bye, so welcome 2009!!! This is my first post, and what I'm looking forward and not in 2009...

I look forward to:
  • Get ready for SPM exam
  • Reboot of the Terminator series
  • An untitled Star Wars galaxy TV series
  • new Season of CSI
  • More Chuck
  • Jojo's new album
What I'm not looking forward to:
  • Less time (That is all)
I really don't know what I'm not looking forward to because I haven't been through the year right now...