Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Another Gran Turismo Trailers

I haven't blog for almost a month.... Yes, yes, I'm sorry... I just busy for no reason and Facebook is really killing my blogging vibe, because I just status update my profile and done!

By the way, back to the topic... Anyone knows that I love cars and I love games, so Gran Turismo 5 is a sure buy title for me... It feature ultra realistic graphics, realistic physics, car customisation and contain well over 1000 cars to collect. It's called car pornography, and I really mean that...

Is it real? Gosh...

Here are the new trailers:

Look at what features they announced at Tokyo Game Show that ended last month (although I know many of you guys are not interested, but I'm gonna post it anyway):

  • Laguna Seca has been completely rebuilt and will return for GT5. Trial Mountain has also been confirmed.
  • “Gran Turismo Anywhere” will allow you to manage B-Spec races, right from your computer. You’ll be able to hold B-Spec races with your friends from anywhere in what are called “Remote Races”.
  • GT5 will feature a series of special events such as the Karting Experience, the AMG driving school, The Stig Challenge, Jeff Gordon NASCAR School, Sebastien Loeb Rally Challenge, and Gran Turismo Rally.
  • Point-to-point rally stages will be automatically and randomly generated – you’ll have to depend on your co-driver to give you the best instructions about the road ahead.
  • Rally mode can be played either on or offline.
  • Weather changes include temperature differences, air pressure changes, and humidity, affecting the surface conditions of the track dynamically.
  • Weather conditions are randomized. Forecasts for your race will be available but may not be entirely accurate, just like the real world.
  • Polyphony Digital has helped Red Bull Racing’s Adrian Newey design the X1 Concept – an “ultimate” racing car, free of any technical regulations.
  • Polyphony Digital has worked to improve engine sounds.
  • Yamauchi admits that, in certain situations – such as standing race starts in the rain with 15 other cars on the screen kicking up spray in front of you – the game may not be able to hold 60FPS. Otherwise, it will strive to hold 60FPS as often as possible.
  • The Volkswagen Kubelwagen, which has a drive system like the first beetle, and the amphibious Volkswagen Schwimmwagen will be in the game.
  • Many things didn’t make the cut in Gran Turismo 5, and work on Gran Turismo 6 has already begun.