Monday, 31 August 2009

Double Shot of Trailers

I bring two movie trailer today... One is 2012 and another one is Avatar.

I just love sci-fi movies and I like disaster movies a lot, 2012 is my type of movie. Talking about old civilisation (Maya), predict that the world will end in 2012, creating bunch of chaos. The movie is directed by the director of Independence Day and The Day After Tomorrow and stars John Cusack.

Another movie I wanna show you is Avatar. Maybe you guys never heard of this movie but I heard it since Terminator Salvation: The Making, where the lead Sam Worthington also play lead actor in this movie. I highly anticipated this movie because it is directed by James Cameron, who was behind the success of The Abyss, The Titanic (the highest grossing film of all time) and The Terminator... This is not a trailer but a mere teaser.

Happy 52nd Merdeka!!!

August 31st, 1957 is a special day in every Malaysians heart. On this day, British finally ended their "stay" in Malaysia and Tunku Abdul Rahman shout 'MERDEKA!' at Stadium Merdeka. We finally gained Independence on that day.

Now it August 31st, 2009, 52 years had passed and we're all still here enjoying freedom from other empires. Our country is peaceful, there is no war, no disasters, everyone having a normal life. But, I have to say our country is still not perfect, but with more unity with every community on this land, we can achieve it.

My Merdeka wish:
  • No more political unrest, please fight for votes fairly and less arguments between parties
  • Improve Proton's quality (they are showing signs of improvement), keep up!!!
  • Make change in our education system and stick with it for decades please!!!
  • Less corruption
But, anyway...


Saturday, 29 August 2009

Pixar's Presto

I am so addicted to PIXAR now ever since I watched UP at the cinema. So, I looked up the internet, especially YouTube and I found this, "Presto"...

This is very funny, and the rabbit is very cute!!! WATCH!!!

Monday, 24 August 2009

200th post

It's my 200th post since this blog first established, there are rants, reviews, previews, opinions, games, sports, tributes, cars and many many more...

To celebrate this 2nd century of post, I compiled 200 things about me, to let visitors (mostly friends) know about me, some are lame and some are nice... Here it goes:

  1. Real name is Khoo Jia En
  2. Born in 1st of August, 1992
  3. Lives with my parents and my sisters
  4. Study in Jit Sin in both primary and secondary
  5. Goes to school everyday in my mom's car
  6. A very avid car enthusiast, try to look at every detail of a car
  7. Favourite car marque is Ferrari
  8. The car I hate the most is the Proton Juara
  9. A follower to Formula 1
  10. F1 Team that I supported is also Ferrari
  11. Favourite F1 driver is Michael Schumacher
  12. Xin Chen is like my bro to me
  13. Then Kah Wai is my best pal
  14. I watch movie only for entertainment, usually look at excitement before look at story (except Star Wars)
  15. Super big fan of Star Wars series, follow the series since the first day I was born
  16. and play quite a lot of Star Wars videogame
  17. First machine to play video game in was PC
  18. Next is the life changing Sony PlayStation
  19. PlayStation 2
  20. PlayStation Portable
  21. Highest wish list is the Sony PlayStation 3
  22. Into science fiction
  23. As of August 27th 2009, I am 17 yrs old and 27 days
  24. Still a virgin
  25. Can say I never have a real date before
  26. Currently have an 'L' license
  27. Will try get 'P' in October
  28. If I have the chance to buy a car with 40k budget, I'll get a new Proton Saga
  29. Unlike many people, they always think Proton sucks, but I looked thoroughly before say their car sucks or not
  30. Wish Streamyx market share will come down to deny its monopoly
  31. Favourite normal car is Suzuki Swift
  32. A big follower of American Idol since season 3
  33. Only one contestant I supported win the American Idol, that is David Cook
  34. Favourite Idol contestant ever is Chris Daughtry
  35. Worst finalist is Sanjaya
  36. If Simon leaves American Idol, I leave too
  37. Big fan of CSI
  38. CSI: NY
  39. but not Miami though
  40. Like Chuck very much (AXN CH701)
  41. Love Heroes although it is getting more and more weird and bland
  42. Always want to tune in to Nickelodeon to watch Spongebob Squarepants
  43. Favourite Disney character is almost everyone
  44. I consider Star Wars Episode V: Empire Strikes Back is the best blockbuster ever made
  45. I place Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith behind Empire Strikes Back as the best Star Wars
  46. Go crazy with Technology
  47. When watching blockbuster, the first thing I always see is the CGI
  48. then explosion and story
  49. First phone I owned is a Motorola left by my sister, Ah Wei.
  50. First Mp3 player is also from her
  51. Currently use Nokia N, just love the S60 smartphone
  52. Proud owner of iPod Nano
  53. Big follower of Top Gear
  54. and its magazine Top Gear Malaysia
  55. Another car magazine I love is Autocar ASEAN
  56. Feels that the messier the room, the easier for me to find my stuff
  57. Listen to every music genres
  58. Favourite band is Green Day and My Chemical Romance
  59. Favourite female singer is Taylor Swift, Jojo and Kelly Clarkson
  60. Favourite male singer is Justin Timberlake and legend Michael Jackson
  61. Likes yogurt drinks
  62. Prefer funny talk show
  63. Fan of Red Devil (Manchester United)
  64. Favourite footballer is Wayne Rooney
  65. Can't understand why government force us to read Sejarah because I suck at it
  66. and Biology too
  67. Likes to participate in Penang Bridge Marathon
  68. Running is the best sport to keep my weight balance
  69. Like Grand Theft Auto games
  70. First-Person Shooter for shooting fun
  71. and Driving for have the thrill of driving sport cars
  72. Like movie version of Transformers for the it's superior computer graphics
  73. Fall in love with the new Star Trek
  74. I'm not a pervert
  75. Thinks Friendster is dead
  76. and thinks Twitter has no point
  77. Wish to have a dog
  78. I usually watch Astro from channel 551 to channel 814 only
  79. Have my teeth rearrange before
  80. Like every single PIXAR movie
  81. The first thing I do once I open up my PC is Facebook and Gmail
  82. The last thing usually check Billboard, Hitz.FM and American Top 40 for any new song to download
  83. Favourite video game character is Crash Bandicoot
  84. Crash Team Racing is the only game I can play with my sisters only
  85. Like everyone else, I hate Jar Jar Binks
  86. OMG, forgot to tell you that I live in BM... xD
  87. and I'm straight
  88. Likes money A LOT!!!
  89. Favourite movie hero is none, because every hero is so uncool
  90. Favourite movie villain is.... Of course, Darth Vader
  91. The original album I bought is American Idiot by Green Day
  92. Think that it is pointless to drive a Hybrid car recklessly
  93. Well, I can't think of no. 93
  94. Wish every day is relaxing
  95. My Form 2 class is the craziest
  96. One of the best racing gamer in Jit Sin
  97. I always ask "Why our country need tuitions?" Miserable
  98. Favourite shopping mall is Gurney Plaza
  99. Places to go before I die, Tokyo, California, Italy
  100. My watches never change brands, only Casio
  101. Recently addicted to The Simpsons
  102. and favourite characters from the show is Homer Simpson
  103. Really wants a greener environment for our Earth
  104. Wish the car of today all have zero CO2 emission
  105. Inactive Kadet Police member
  106. ICT club member
  107. Hate books
  108. Need at least 2L of water during school time alone
  109. Fan of movie version of Transformers, but not the cartoon
  110. My nickname is Crasher
  111. It is originated from Crash Team Racing, from my favourite character, Crash Bandicoot
  112. Red Alert is my best game
  113. Age gap between both my elder sister is huge
  114. and parents too
  115. Can't think of 115
  116. Not a fan of Harry Potter
  117. and seriously not a fan of High School Musical, what the deal of high school student singing decently but dumb and hideous acting
  118. Usually my type of music is different from other people at school
  119. Study = crap
  120. Want to search encyclopedia, it is WIKIPEDIA
  121. Use Facebook a lot
  122. and its games
  123. Follow Kenny Sia's blog
  124. and Paul Tan
  125. In desperate need of PS3 because I can't afford PC upgrade anymore
  126. I never delete my music file
  127. Listen to Hitz.FM
  128. and also Fly FM
  129. Want a HD cinema in Malaysia
  130. or having a HD Astro for at least
  131. Favourite colour is black
  132. or at least blue
  133. Think that Black and Red houses' interior got the most luxury feel
  134. Favourite Talk Show is Jimmy Kimmel Live!
  135. and Late Show with David Letterman
  136. If want to eat ice-cream, I choose Haagen-Daaz
  137. and DrumStick
  138. There are 95% chance I order a Double Cheese Burger when I go to McDonald
  139. Like to annoy my eldest sister with That's Not My Name by The Ting Tings
  140. or Flo Rida's In The Ayer
  141. Ask me most of the English songs, I can name them all!!!
  142. Think Dimitar Berbatov is the worst Manchester United player ever
  143. Most hated football club is Chelsea FC
  144. Many people call me 甲虫
  145. Currently valued $105,115,526 at Facebook's FriendForSale
  146. Like to search my name at Google
  147. Waiting for Windows 7
  148. Like the quote "d'oh!"
  149. Like Star Wars quote "May the Force be with you" haha
  150. Want to go to watch an F1 race, at least once
  151. Want to watch Manchester United live in action, which I missed last month T.T
  152. Best fun I at school was at my form 2 class, 2B3... Miss the times
  153. Favourite food is "White chicken"
  154. Favourite soft drinks is Pepsi original
  155. Love the Hitz.FM Morning Crew, JJ and Ean
  156. Especially the show's segment, GOTCHA!!!
  157. I choose the best Michael Jackson's song is Billie Jean
  158. Dream car is the Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano
  159. The car I want to throw into the dumpster is Proton Juara and Fiat Multipla (the old one, Lo Han car)
  160. Watch movies in the cinema at least 11 times this year
  161. Have a very very curly hair
  162. Big fan of the Mythbusters
  163. And like the funny guy on the show, Adam Savage
  164. A member of Malaysian Battlefield Team (a video game clan)
  165. Even though I like the new Star Trek, I still have no idea what made the old Star Trek so great
  166. No one can take Star Wars from my list of best movie I ever watched
  167. And I watch it millions of times
  168. When I was younger, I wanted to be a cat when I grow up
  169. I prefer Ocean Park than Hong Kong Disneyland
  170. Hate going to Shen Zheng because of it's too crowded city and noisy
  171. Prefer a Mac over Windows, but was forced to use Windows because more parties support it
  172. Hate using Streamyx, but everyone seems to be on par with the lousy connection
  173. I dislike watching cinema recorded DVD
  174. My favourite video game in recent history is the high violence level Grand Theft Auto
  175. I find the jokes in The Simpsons won't get boring
  176. My favourite place in Malaysia so far is Genting Highland
  177. If I have a choice, I want a red and black wall in my room
  178. Favourite Chinese movie is Aces Go Places 2 (最佳拍档 II)
  179. My first pet was two baby chickens
  180. Then some useless fish
  181. My final pet so far was two tortoises
  182. I have memories on certain advertisement I saw
  183. I hate sleeping until I reach High School, which I always sleep till late morning
  184. Love hi-tech gadget
  185. I have my first taste of school when I was 6, not 5, 4 or 3
  186. First Top 100 song I first listen when I was entering teenager period is American Idiot by Green Day
  187. I like Disney Classic cartoon, The Lion King
  188. My favourite modern Disney Cartoon is The Emperor's New Groove
  189. If I have nothing to do at the Internet, I surf the Uncyclopedia
  190. Tom & Jerry is the cartoon I grow up watching
  191. I still don't understand why I loved Ultraman when I was younger, it doesn't make sense
  192. Predict every movie's (except Revenge of the Sith or Return of the Jedi) third installment will not be as good as the previous two. Trust me on this
  193. My Music file is 10GB alone
  194. Finished Red Alert 1, 2 and 3, making the only series I ever completed. Since others I didn't buy all
  195. Wish Lightsaber is real in this world
  196. Wish having an R2-D2 at home, or maybe WALL-E
  197. Wish to have little puppy as a pet since I don't have one
  198. Me and my Er Jie alone can "tear" the whole house down, because we are noisy
  199. I hate Chewbacca. If you let me choose between Jar Jar Binks and Chewbacca, I choose the walking doormat
  200. I will keep writing this blog!!!!

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Review: Up (1 to 200)

I've been a Pixar fan ever since Toy Story came out, their story never never fails. If you look back all those animations: Cars, WALL-E, Monsters. INC, The Incredible etc... Every movie they make is a masterpiece, so the expectation is extremely high for me...

Like any other Pixar films, I wasn't disappointed. The story is extremely well written and the new 3-D feature make it even worth watching it. There are several scene that is funny and imaginative, it can really make you think back of your childhood imagination where you go for an adventure flying with your house.

Verdict: This review is ridiculously short, you know why? There is nothing to complain about, and I'm speechless to write all the details. Another big hit from PIXAR!!!!!!

Score: 5/5 (PIXAR never got a film that is less than 4.9)

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Twitter (2 to 200, damn close!!!)

Twitter, a new Internet phenomenon, which it has cutting down Facebook and MySpace dominance in the social network (not Friendster though, it looks dead to me). So what so special about this site that makes every celebrity and company in the whole wide world so crazy about.

In case you don't know, Twitter is micro blogging site where everyone tweet their messages and post it there. It is just like Facebook, without apps or other web pages. I am very curious why this concept is so well-received site, so I created an account (username: crasher7) and started using. After months of using, I think it is crap!!!

First of all, there's nothing. In Facebook or even Friendster, we can chat with friends, applications, online gaming all under one roof. In twitter, you can only post, bloody boring!

Another one is popularity counts!!! If you are a celebrity or politician or some other sensation, Twitter is the kind of thing you should have. You can post your recent updates for your fans and followers to see. If you are not popular at all, they won't follow you or see your latest postings, except you are showing nudity or sexual images on your profile...

So, in the end, Facebook is by far a better and far more superior social networking site. I like Twitter, but I just think that it needs more features, or else it is plain boring.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Review: District 9 (3 to 200)

When I saw the poster, I wanna watch this because of two reasons:
  1. I love sci-fi movie
  2. This movie is produced by Peter Jackson (the man behind the mind blowing Lord of the Ring series)
Me and my sister had to watch at Pacific, because it is classified 18-SG and stupid TGV Seberang Perai won't show the movie, have to tahan those low quality seats and the almost 4:3 ratio screen...

The movie started in documentary style, and I have to say the move is bold because the documentary style makes us believe that the aliens really landed on our planet, interviewing people and life with aliens, after they were taking refuge on South Afrika... Then the story takes place on so called alien agency agent, Wikus, who was ordered to persuade aliens to move away from the city.

I have to say this movie takes a different view of aliens landing on Earth, every movie are usually invasion, enslave and war with the humans. This though, they put the aliens on the struggle to survive on Earth and their consequences... And the movie ended in a well written but cynical tone, very sad...

It is worth a watch for this well-written and sad sci-fi movie. For me, it place high above the chart...

Verdict: 5/5

Saturday, 15 August 2009

How to make Transformers? (4 to 200)

In this video of the original movie dvd (why Malaysian pirated DVDs always tend to cut the bonus feature off), you can see the robots design from simple polygon to adding dust and colours... Watch it!!!

Thursday, 13 August 2009

New Terminator is here! (5 to 200)

Following the bad reviews of the latest Terminator flick, Christian Bale and co. decided to make another Terminator movie to rescue the series. This time the movie co-star Crasher Khoo in:

Terminator: Re-Salvation!

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

GM Says 2011 Chevrolet Volt to get 230 mpg in City Driving (6 to 200)

If you've been wondering what is the number "230" that popped up as an annoying commercial in many places around the web the past few weeks, General Motors revealed today that it's the EPA city fuel economy rating of the forthcoming Chevrolet Volt. In particular, GM said that it expects the Volt extended-range electric vehicle to achieve at least 230 miles per gallon in city driving and a combined fuel economy rating of triple digits.

The fuel economy ratings are said to be based on a new methodology being developed by EPA specifically for plug-in electric vehicles. According to GM, the EPA methodology uses kilowatt hours per 100 miles traveled to define the electrical efficiency of plug-ins.

In the case of the Volt, GM said that its EV will consume as little as 25 kilowatt hours per 100 miles in city driving meaning with an average cost of 11 cents per kWh, a typical Volt driver in the US would pay around $2.75 for electricity to travel 100 miles, or less than 3 cents per mile

"From the data we've seen, many Chevy Volt drivers may be able to be in pure electric mode on a daily basis without having to use any gas," said GM Chief Executive Officer Fritz Henderson. "EPA labels are a yardstick for customers to compare the fuel efficiency of vehicles. So, a vehicle like the Volt that achieves a composite triple-digit fuel economy is a game-changer."

The Volt, which is scheduled to start production in late 2010 as a 2011 model, is expected to travel up to 40 miles (64 km) on electricity from a single battery charge and be able to extend its overall range to more than 300 miles (480km +) when the flex fuel-powered four-cylinder engine-generator kicks in.

"The key to high-mileage performance is for a Volt driver to plug into the electric grid at least once each day," Henderson said.

The Volt will also be available in Australia as a Holden and in Europe as the Opel / Vauxhall Ampera.

What Do Crasher Think:

The 230 miles per gallon = 97.7830527 kilometers / l figure is ridiculously fantastic, considering today's cars average are less than 20 km/l and the petroleum aren't here to stay. If you think of both of these terms, the Volt is maniac, saving fuel, less CO2 and money too!!!

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Review: G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra (7 to 200)

There's a lot of sequels and prequels this year, I need a break from that, really... That's too much in a year!!! Luckily, G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra is here to rescue me from these "sequel-prequel" world and into the fresh new movie franchise mode. Maybe some people doubt the movie and predicted it will flop at the box office, but I and some other people is entertained by it. As I said it, popcorn movie is for entertainment, not art. So don't expect any artistic of any kind of stuff.

First up, this movie is produced by the same producer of Transformers and it's second sequel and the director of box office hit, The Mummy. After you watch the movie, you will find 2 or 3 The Mummy actors in it. The characters in the movie is much more memorable than Revenge of the Fallen, whom I already forget what are they doing in Transformers (means I recalled only just the robots). The characters here is much funnier, weirder and the villains is still evil.

For the first time in my viewing history, I like movie heroes than villains this time. For example of the villains I like, Darth Vader, The Joker, Decepticons and etc. Maybe this time the heroes costumes is much sleeker, more agile and cooler than the villains, I just don't know.

Story-wise, the movie is clearly not the main point, but I will give much favorable score than other movies released this year, like the mediocre Transformers and horrible Terminator plot which is stupid in anyway, but I don't care actually, so the story is a bonus score to Joes.

Now, here's criticisms. The CGI in this movie is good but not great, Transformers has clearly set the benchmark for best graphics for the whole year, certain scenes looked fake and felt like they glued to the scenes. In CGI, Joe losing out to Transformers, Star Trek, Terminator respectively.

One thing the producer should worry about is the cast though, not they acted badly, it just that they are not popular enough. The only notable star is Dennis Quaid, other than that we don't know them (maybe not popular here). According to news, lead actor Channing Tatum is well received in the US and soon have more movies coming out. So actually is not so bad.

Verdict: G.I. Joe: The Rise of the Cobra is another entertainment movie and a non-sequel, proving they can be a good blow-up stuff movie, going cinema to watch it is worth it. With sequel confirmed, I think I will watch it.

Score 4.3/5

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Command & Conquer 4 (8 to 200)

Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars is a very great game, combining classic gameplay and the new twist and adding cinematic movies into the mix. So do the rest of the series actually, Red Alert, Tiberium Dawn, Red Alert 2, Tiberium Sun and more recently Red Alert 3... Red Alert is actually a prequel to Tiberium Dawn, but the sequel Red Alert 2 and Tiberium Sun went to different path, Tiberium become much more "alien" if you know what I mean...

Next year there is a new one, the fourth and final chapter to Tiberium, with the bad guys holding the alien stuff and watch the trailer then... (It doesn't feel like a game, like a sci-fi movie)

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

The End is Near (9 to 200)

I cleanup my table (from mum's order, or else I won't), I found something interesting, a receipt and we're going to extinct in the near future!!!

Remember SkyNet? The fictional supercomputer network from The Terminator that gain self awareness and then kill all the human alive through judgement day... It's real!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Monday, 3 August 2009

Ice Age 3 3-D (10 to 200)

I remember the first time I watched the first Ice Age trailer in the cinema when I was a kid, I laughed out so loud that the whole cinema is my voice and I still laughing even though the trailer has ended...

Today, 20th Century Fox released the third Ice Age animation, this time in 3-D. 3-D came a long way since its creation and the new 3-D is gorgeous, the blurry image is gone...

Even though some of the jokes are recycled from the previous Ice Age, it is still funny. With new jokes added along the way, me and my sister, my parents and kids in the cinema laughed from start to finish... As usual, the adults numbed, maybe they just don't get the jokes!!! What wrong with them?!?!

Verdict: 4/5