Sunday, 23 August 2009

Review: Up (1 to 200)

I've been a Pixar fan ever since Toy Story came out, their story never never fails. If you look back all those animations: Cars, WALL-E, Monsters. INC, The Incredible etc... Every movie they make is a masterpiece, so the expectation is extremely high for me...

Like any other Pixar films, I wasn't disappointed. The story is extremely well written and the new 3-D feature make it even worth watching it. There are several scene that is funny and imaginative, it can really make you think back of your childhood imagination where you go for an adventure flying with your house.

Verdict: This review is ridiculously short, you know why? There is nothing to complain about, and I'm speechless to write all the details. Another big hit from PIXAR!!!!!!

Score: 5/5 (PIXAR never got a film that is less than 4.9)

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