Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Friends List Reorganized

Well, what did I do yesterday on my blog? Beside the review of The Hurt Locker, I also reorganized my friends' blog into much more neat order... With the last post, date and name of friends....

However, I can't put some of my friends latest updates into it. It might be those who modified their layout, because all of them don't have updates.... LOL!!! Xin Yi, Xin Chen, Ching Ling, Wen Lee, Bolie, and Vivian... Hope you all can add feed into your blog so that I can list updates from your blog.

Monday, 22 February 2010

Review: The Hurt Locker

I have been talking about this movie for months, and downloaded the movie for months too. It is currently the Oscar nominated for Best Picture, against the mighty Avatar, epic animation Up, District 9 and many more... It is also one of the highest reviewed movie in 2009, holding 98% score in Rotten Tomatoes.

The movie tell a story about the bomb squad of Bravo Company. The main protagonist is Staff Sergeant William James, who take anything into his own hand, this had lead to both of his squadmates to consider him reckless and tension rise around the squad as the story progressed.

For so many movies talked about the Iraq War, this is the closest to the real thing. The movie is tense, suspense and shaken, just like what we saw everyday on news and video footage. The reckless nature of the protagonist also add more tension into the movie itself. Some scene uses handheld camera also contributed into the atmosphere of the movie.

I don't want to talk to much about the movie, because I want you guys to watch the movie. But for one thing I wanna you to know, The Hurt Locker is the best movie about Iraq War and one of the most intelligent movie I have seen in quite a while. No wonder it is a Oscar nominations for multiple awards.

Verdict: 5/5

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Revenge of the Fallen BD Rip Impressions

I haven't own any Blu-Ray movies yet, but I certainly downloaded Revenge of the Fallen Blu-Ray rip from the Internet.

The reason I chose this movie because of the CGI quality and reviews about the Blu-Ray versions, not because of the storyline (seriously, Michael Bay need to fix that). The file is 10GB large and it cost me a day to download the file...

Because of the video is a digital file MKV, it is not playable on TVs, PS3s, and DVD players, but on PCs and Laptop it is pretty decent. The frame rate for the video is much smoother, much more details into the movie and even though with High Quality, the flaws of CGI are rarely seen.

I might not know the full experience of Blu-Ray, but playing on standard PC is already a satisfying experience.

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Adidas Originals: Star Wars

Everyone knows I'm a huge Star Wars fan, a very huge fan!!! I can memorize every details in the storyline and those characters and soldiers, playing many of its video games and keep watching those movies again and again and again...

Now my sister brought something back from Singapore, a Star Wars shoes made by Adidas...!!!

Seriously, the wrapping looks like a toy... OMG!!!

See my smiling face so happy!!!

After took out the shoes the wrapping actually features Luke Skywalker


The label of the shoes, features Adidas and Star Wars logo

Star Wars logos are even printed at the shoe laces

A pair of shoes... Duh! But it's a Star Wars Shoes

It even have a Rebellion crest on the side of the shoes

I plan to wear it for Chinese New Year... Now I'm wishing you readers Happy Chinese New Year, Happy Valentine's Day and May the Force be With You...

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Pants on the Ground

American Idol is finally moving into Hollywood Week, YEAH!!! But got one thing I love about audition phase is there are always funny stuffs going on.

Few seasons ago we got William Hung, then later we got one Mexican that have a lot of respect for Simon Cowell. In Season 9, there is General Larry Platt, where his audition has become a viral hit on YouTube, among celebrities and talk show.

I personally love his audition, I think it is funny... What do you think? If you haven't seen the video before, look below:

Review: Assassin's Creed 2

The first Assassin's Creed is actually a very good concept for a game, a man use Animus (fictional machine) to read his DNA and experience what his ancestors actually do in the past. But the game has a lot of bugs and boredom that don't really make that game fun to play. But in the sequel, everything has changed though. Many of the bugs have been improve and the storyline is executed in a better way.

You'll do this a lot in this game, JUMP!!!

The story pretty much start up from the end of the first game, where you are rescued by Lucy Stillman (Kristen Bell) and take you to a hideout where you meet other assassins. Then they let you enter the Animus (again, duh), this time experience the life of his ancestor in Renaissance era in Italy, in the name of Ezio Auditore.

Guards near the banks... No worry, you can swim now

In the Animus, you must hunt down the corrupted society that has killed your father. Along the game you encounter a lot of allies, including genius Leonardo da Vinci, whom help you make weapons and inventories for you to use.

After killing you, should I put you there or throw it down

One of the major problem from the first game is that you need to horse ride a long way to another city for your mission. This time, you can pay 100 Florins to driver to send you to the destination you want to go, save you a lot of time I guess. The environment is much much more alive than the first where surrounding will change according to your behaviour. You can also hire thieves, mercenaries and courtesan to distract guards that are blocking your path.

But the game still have flaws though. For example, in some moves, when you try to kill a guard, another guard can easily kill you with ease. The PS3 version does experience screen tear and frame rate drops (which a lot of developer struggled at the moment).

Verdict: 4/5

Monday, 1 February 2010

Grammy 2010

Beyonce took home six prizes as she dominated the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday.

The former Destiny's Child star's awards haul included two - Best R&B song and Song of the Year – for 'Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)'.

The singer, who also won Best Contemporary R&B album and Best R&B Female Vocal, has now won 16 Grammys during her career.

"This has been such an amazing night for me and I'd like to thank the Grammys,” she said, before adding: “I'd like to thank my family including my husband, I love you.”

Other winners included Kings of Leon, who beat Lady GaGa, Taylor Swift and The Black Eyed Peas, to Record of the Year for 'Use Somebody'.

The band's hit also picked up the award for Best Rock Song while the group won Best Rock Performance.

Lady GaGa and Eminem also won two prizes each, while Michael Jackson's children collected a Lifetime Achievement award on behalf of their late father.

The ceremony, which took place in Los Angeles, featured performances from Beyonce, Lady GaGa and Pink.

You can see a list of the major winners below:

Best pop performance by a duo or group with vocals - 'I Gotta Feeling' - The Black Eyed Peas
Best pop vocal album - 'The E.N.D.' - The Black Eyed Peas
Best dance recording - 'Poker Face' - Lady Gaga
Best new artist - Zac Brown Band
Best female pop vocal performance - 'Halo' - Beyoncé
Best male pop vocal performance - 'If You Don't Know Me By Now' - Seal
Best traditional pop vocal album - 'Michael Buble Meets Madison Square Garden' - Michael Buble
Best solo rock vocal performance - 'Working On A Dream' - Bruce Springsteen
Best rock album - '21st Century Breakdown' - Green Day
Best rap song - 'Run This Town' - Jeff Bhasker, Shawn Carter, Robyn Fenty, Kanye West & Ernest Wilson, songwriters (Jay-Z, Rihanna & Kanye West)
Best female country vocal performance - 'White Horse' - Taylor Swift
Best male country vocal performance - 'Sweet Thing' - Keith Urban
Lifetime Achievement Award - Michael Jackson