Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Friends List Reorganized

Well, what did I do yesterday on my blog? Beside the review of The Hurt Locker, I also reorganized my friends' blog into much more neat order... With the last post, date and name of friends....

However, I can't put some of my friends latest updates into it. It might be those who modified their layout, because all of them don't have updates.... LOL!!! Xin Yi, Xin Chen, Ching Ling, Wen Lee, Bolie, and Vivian... Hope you all can add feed into your blog so that I can list updates from your blog.


xy ♥ teoh said...

I'll be leaving blogspot to tumblr soon. I'll inform you later about the address and it has a rss feed.

Aharm - 欣 said...

how r u!?
result come out soon = =
scary = =