Saturday, 26 July 2008

I created news WORLDWIDE!!!

A blog post on my Gamespot profile last week have created a big news worldwide!!! I originally posted about Grand Theft Auto IV is coming to PC in an image I captured on my cell phone... Now, other blog got it from me...

First, is a chinese blog putting the news. Showing the image and put my profile name on the blog... You can see it here, and I wanna thank them for putting my name on it... I Appreciate it!!!
And next, a forum from nowhere got the news from the blog and posted it... Not a big news though...
And Finally, a big one!!! A technology website called Ars Technica posted the forum on their games page and here shows the same image i posted!!! Well, I really made a wave of news... I am so proud now...

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Vios (Part 1)

New Vios, behind bigger and more powerful Waja
My sister's Toyota Vios arrived last week, it was a 1.5 G version, but I don't have time posting pictures of it on my blog! Well today, we have it!!! Let's roll down...
Headlamps, signals, and side mirror...
Toyota's simple yet beautiful logo (I have to shoot like this cuz not enough space for me to hold the camera)
Passenger's seat (quite spacious for a C-Segment car), and a bottle holder...
Dials, in the center of the car
Front seat, looks nice
Support MP3 and WMA files? SWEET!!!
Adjust the air-con, similar to Perodua Nautica... (Of course la, Perodua under Daihatsu, Daihatsu under Toyota what!!!)
Steering buttons (cannot straight lah)
How roomy is this? SEE!!!
Park here, sharing spaces with Waja. But with better looks (and sexier looks. Drive this car to "pikat" girls if you are a guy. Girls, drive it, feels sexy)
The front, realizing how small the front is...

That's all, because as soon as I finish this picture, it rains from the sky!!! So, more pictures next time...

The Dark Knight and Tribute to Heath Ledger

I saw Batman: The Dark Knight just now and all I can say is: One of the best film released so far this year, maybe all time!

Seriously, Christopher Nolan did a really great job on this movie and the story is well written ( I don't wanna spoil it, watch yourself). Christian Bale as Batman is very very good.

And finally, let's not forget The Joker (Heath Ledger). Heath Ledger's performance as The Joker was special. It was really good, and this was his final film, he was such a good actor.

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

E3 2008

E3 is back!!! This time is smaller and more press friendly (I think).

What is E3? Well, it's called Electronic Entertainment Expo. Where everybody turned their attention to check out the latest game for the next 12 months.

Story so far: Final Fantasy XIII is coming to 360, which harms SONY at the exclusivity war... I watched Sony preview at E3, they showed Resistance 2, Quantum of Solace (007), God of War, LittleBigPlanet (my favourite of all), and MAG... Sony also showed off the new HOME, which are Second Life kinda thingy. Nintendo, although they are the leaders of the "Console Wars", but their preview was disappointing for many people.

E3 will be showcasing all over the week, if you wanna see, check this out:;e3

Watched Wanted

I watched Wanted at my nearby cinema on Sunday, which I think is not bad for a movie is based on a comic!

The movie starring James McAvoy, Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman. Tells about a story of a man finding the killer (no more details for spoilers). The man is in an assassin organisation which runs for a thousand years.

In the end of the movie, the CGI of the movie is quite impressive and the story is not bad written for a sci-fi movie

Thursday, 10 July 2008


Exam over ardy!!! All I want to do is sleep... hahaha.... Actually, I want to play games a lot lah, don't know which game to buy nia... lolz