Saturday, 22 August 2009

Twitter (2 to 200, damn close!!!)

Twitter, a new Internet phenomenon, which it has cutting down Facebook and MySpace dominance in the social network (not Friendster though, it looks dead to me). So what so special about this site that makes every celebrity and company in the whole wide world so crazy about.

In case you don't know, Twitter is micro blogging site where everyone tweet their messages and post it there. It is just like Facebook, without apps or other web pages. I am very curious why this concept is so well-received site, so I created an account (username: crasher7) and started using. After months of using, I think it is crap!!!

First of all, there's nothing. In Facebook or even Friendster, we can chat with friends, applications, online gaming all under one roof. In twitter, you can only post, bloody boring!

Another one is popularity counts!!! If you are a celebrity or politician or some other sensation, Twitter is the kind of thing you should have. You can post your recent updates for your fans and followers to see. If you are not popular at all, they won't follow you or see your latest postings, except you are showing nudity or sexual images on your profile...

So, in the end, Facebook is by far a better and far more superior social networking site. I like Twitter, but I just think that it needs more features, or else it is plain boring.

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