Sunday, 4 January 2009

Top Gear 2009 calender

I bought Top Gear January edition (I always buy one every month, along with AutoCar ASEAN), and it comes with Top Gear 2009 calender... Sweet!!! And different months with different cars, so nice!!!
At the January page, it features the slick looking Lambo ever!!! The Lamboghini Gallardo LP560-4, even though I hate the colour, but still it looks cutting edge...

The next one features the Jet Fighter inspired supercar, the Lamboghini Reventon. The ultra-exclusive car only have 20 of them made, and have jet plane design all over the car.

Next one is Bugatti Veyron... This is a former fastest production car in the world, now is a American tuner car company holds it, but this car can do a 0-60 mph in 2.8 seconds!

The unisex Ferrari California

Race version of the unpopular Mercedes SLR McLaren 722

Can consider this car an art? I think so...

Petrol burning Dodge Viper ARC, muscle car

Very British car, an Aston Martin....

Race concept and look furious... Mazda Furai

Dodge Challenger, which I think the car looks dated... yucks

Aston Martin DBR9 (I think the R is Racing)

This one is my favourite, the hardcore version of the Ferrari F430... Ferrari 430 Scuderia!!!

I have no place to hang though, so...

Close the door at all times, so I can see the pictures... lolz


盈盈 said...

your room very messy leh, don't show lah. aiyo. ;p

Anonymous said...

He is a MAN mah.

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