Saturday, 30 October 2010

A Very Good Drug to Forget Gran Turismo 5 Delay

Well, I'm not in a good mood whenever I hear Gran Turismo 5, because ever since the delay, I've been cursing and blaming Sony for whatever reason I can find. I just can't accept it. Waiting for 6 years, already bought my own PS3 to wait for the game, have to wait again...

Now, I just found one perfect drug to forget about it, Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit. I've been a Need For Speed fan for quite awhile, but for the past few years EA been experimenting with the franchise, which I hate... Now at least EA know that the series is better suited to the roots, so they created Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit.

NFS: Hot Pursuit is like the original Need For Speed, very fast cars and very crazy cop chases. I played before on the PlayStation and PlayStation 2, and I love it. See the trailers for it:

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