Friday, 28 May 2010

TOP 5: Lee DeWyze Performances

Once in a while, I will write something about in Top 5. This week, is about our new American Idol, Lee Dewyze. He is the second American Idol contestant I support to ever win the final (the other is David Cook). So, I will write about the Top 5 songs that made me support him throughout the show....

No. 5: Hinder - Lips of an Angel
To me, this is one of the best song of the 2000s. And after impressed me with the performance a week before (refer No. 4), he needed to impress me again. After he performed it, I said, "This is the guy I'm gonna support, even though he looked nervous on stage."

No. 4: Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars
It was a boring male week, I was wondering that Simon was right that this season's gong will go to the female. I was so bored I almost fell asleep, that night was flat. At the end, he came out, did his rendition of Chasing Cars, Simon said it saved the night, he was right. And you know what, that felt like David Cook, the first "daring" contestant on the show.

No. 3: Duet with Crystal Bowersox - Falling Slowly
This season is one of the dullest I must admit, no one ever wanted to take a risk and no one is competing with one another. That Movie Theme week was one of the worst week I've seen, but it was saved by two duet performances, one with Casey James and Mike Lynche, another was Crystal and our Idol, Lee.

No. 2: Frank Sinatra - That's Life
One of the greatest thing in American Idol is that you can see contestant singing music's great and sometimes make it new, current and appeal to the new generations. On the Frank Sinatra Week, Lee's rendition of That's Life made the two lady judges, Kara DioGuardi and Ellen Degeneres made a bold claim that he was the person to win it (during TOP 5!!!)

No. 1: Leonard Cohen - Hallelujah (Simon Cowell's Choice)
Hate him or not, Simon Cowell is the right person in American Idol. He knows what he is doing, beside judging the show (giving honest and evil comments to contestants), he knows what kind of songs to choose for contestants. He is almost spot on on every choices... In his final selection before leaving the show, he chose Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah for Lee, which I think is one of the main highlight of the season.


薇薇 said...

i still don't think he deserve to win.
but anyhow, the entire seasons have got no real idols

薇薇 said...

i still don't think he deserve to win.
but anyhow, the entire seasons have got no real idols

Crasher Khoo said...

He is the best of the bunch, so I support him... But, this season is uninspiring