Saturday, 22 May 2010

This is the Future

Yes, it's a car

Wait... Don't close this blog, don't think "It's just another Petrolhead topic".... I mean it, this might be the most important innovation for the next century.

Why you ask this is the most important car for the future. Well, this car might be the solution to replace our petrol, really. As we all know that petrol supplies will come to an end eventually and we (human) are gas guzzlers, using fuel even for switching on the lights. If petrol really runs out, the world will be halted and nothing will move.

This car, the Honda FCX Clarity is powered by hydrogen, the most abundant element of the universe, it will never run out. It is dangerous, but they have found a way to contain the hydrogen and not making it explode, it's already two years it came out, yet no accidents have been reported as of today.

You might ask, "Why not use a Hybrid or an electric car?". The answer is Hybrid cars still use petrol and got carbon emission. "Electric car is zero carbon dioxide, why not use electric cars?" Electric cars is still a very weak solution, you can only drive for a bit more than 40 miles and the next thing you know is the car stopped on its track and will take 3-5 hours to really fully charged up and go for another 40 miles. Do you want to be restricted to that range? I don't think so. Besides, where are all those electricity comes from? Power Plant, and those power plants largely use fuel as well, not a very smart idea. The FCX operate just like a petrol car, you fill up the tank, drive like 400-500 km and stop at a Hydrogen pumps station and fill up again for another 500 km of journey, and it is zero emission, it produce the stuff we use everyday, H2O (water). How great was that!!!

It might be scarce at the moment, but this technology is backed by the US government, especially the governator, who is a very "green" man (no, not the Hulk). Currently, Honda leases out cars to residents of California as an experiment to tested out the technology and Californian Government set up hydrogen station around the state to help the experiment as well. If the car test really go well, it might be the solution for the future of motoring, we can drive car for another century. Petrol replace horse, and now this can replace petrol, who can finally deserve a retirement.

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