Thursday, 28 January 2010

PART 5: Surprise of the Decade


I totally got into the series... When I first heard from my sister about the TV series showing in AXN, I said no way, a nerd with a sexy secret agent must be weird.

But when I saw the premiere, I actually like it. A nerd (Chuck) opens up his e-mail and found out the everything from the e-mail is government secrets and inserted into his brain through his brain. To protect him and informations, CIA sent their top agent (Sarah Walker) to pretends as his girlfriend and NSA sent their agent (John Casey) as his colleague. While doing government tasks, Chuck must balance his life with his spy life...

Since then, I follow every Thursday (or Sunday if I missed Thursday) to watch the show... Recommended

  • Lewis Hamilton in his rookie year (Formula 1)
  • Iron Man (Film)
  • Mercenaries (Game)
  • Katy Perry (Music)
  • I Kissed A Girl is censored in Malaysia due to bisexually suggestive lyrics (Music and Malaysia)
  • Nintendo Wii (Gadget)
  • Hitman (Film and Game)
  • Nissan GT-R beats literally every supercar these days

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