Saturday, 9 January 2010

21st Century Breakdown

When I started listening to hit musics, I only listen to four artists, Green Day, Maroon 5, Fall Out Boy and Justin Timberlake. These artists hold a very special place in my heart because they get me into hit music....

Now, one of the artists just release a brand new album nine months ago, and that is Green Day with their latest release, 21st Century Breakdown. This album has dominated the charts worldwide due to great reviews and expectations since American Idiot.

For me, this album is one of the best albums released in the past few years. Every single track in the album is simply awesome. Green Day's efforts with this album makes American Idiot look amateur when compared...

Must listen songs: 21st Century Breakdown, 21 Guns, Viva la Gloria, Last Day on Earth, Peacemaker

Verdict: 5/5

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