Thursday, 17 September 2009

It's over!!!

It's finally over!!! The trials is finally gone!!! I just wondering I can do it like a Jedi trials... hahaha!!!

Actually I planned to watch this movie at Jusco punya:

But that ridiculously idiotic TGV refused to show it, even though it is a new movie released a week back... Don't they know what's new?!?! I don't wanna watch an unscary horror movie made from Singapore, the visuals and sound effects won't justify my 10 bucks!!!

Anyway, I am now relaxing in front of my PC, wondering got what new game for me to play... Need For Speed Shift, need download, but my PC said need 2 weeks for download. Are YOU KIDDING ME?!?! I need to go to Pacific now!!!

Tonight plan to watch a new movie downloaded from Internet, called "The Hurt Locker". This movie was highly acclaimed by critics, some even said one of the best movie ever made and Oscar potential... Interesting!!!

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