Saturday, 19 September 2009

Batman: Arkham Asylum

I had doubts when I saw this game, even after high praise from medias all over the world, because superhero adaptation based game never be good. So, I set myself getting this game and play it, and the result is the game unexpectedly awesome!

First, the story is just incredible. The story written is dark and able to get the gamers wanted more of the story. The story writing just feel like The Dark Knight in video game. And the voice acting is superb too, everyone is very realistic with their role....

Secondly, the gameplay is simple and nice. Batman fighting combo and melee attack is just 3 mouse click only, you don't need different buttons to form better attack.

You just have to try this game. Trust me... Full review might not coming, I will immersed to the world and might never came back...

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