Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Games to buy after my exam (QUITE A LOT!!!)

Well, my exam is just 2 days left!!! Tomorrow is English & EST (both high chance), and the day after it is History (oh my gosh) and EST paper 2 (high chance too)... But I've my games list ready already...
  • SporeA revolutionary game. Da jie also said she wanna try this game, imagine!!! Basically, is a SimCity evolved. You control a single cell and evolve continuously until you conquered the galaxy... HOW CRAZY WAS THAT!!!
  • Mercenaries 2A sequel to highly successful sandbox game. Just like GTA, running around, do your job and driving with weird car physics (which GTA don't have in this.

  • Crysis WarheadExpansion pack of last year highly acclaimed First-Person Shooter. It is the same story as the old game, but with at side of the story, it shows the point of view of the soldier seperated from the last game main character.

  • FIFA 09I played the demo, and I can say is great improvements for a football (or soccer) game. Can't wait to control Wayne Rooney and fire goals!!!
And more and more coming over, this holiday is gonna be fun!!!


shing said...

Tat SPORE my brother juz download complete!!!!!
my com have tis game!!!!!!!
i dunno wat lai...but after read ur blog i found tat..I WAN TRY TIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!

Crasher Khoo said...

haha... i think it will be fun

Anonymous said...

r u crazy?