Friday, 24 October 2008

Celebrities Look Alike Meter....

Well, I got one account at, but I rarely touch it, but recently I go in and I saw a celebrity segment where it can compare your pictures with celebs around the world.

First, I took a picture right from my webcam, I hate this picture:
Then upload it into the database:

and voila!!!

I got the results here below, but I didn't know some of the actors, well....


Chrizto-B™ said...

they left out Topher Grace!
me + my mom thinks u look like
TOPHER GRACE from That's 70's Show

Chrizto-B™ said...

a.k.a Venom from Spiderman 3

Crasher Khoo said...

oo... really?

oh, Spidey!!!