Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Call of Duty 5 and NFS Undercover

2 of my favourite game series return for another year... Both proved to have a big fan base and now they planned another sequel for it.First, let's talk about the latest Call of Duty game. It's called World at War, with the 5 dropping of. The game is going back to World War II, rather than modern world that Call of Duty 4 did. This game is also set in Japanese World War rather than fighting Germans, the story is set to be darker and more matured. Developers want to make this game feel Japanese so they try Japanese army strategy in it, like Kamikaze and Katana killing. This game also add the feature that you can swim to change strategy...
On the other hand, let's talk about Need For Speed: Undercover (ProStreet with Audi R8 above). Last year game, the ProStreet, was a failure despite high hopes for the game, because the game travelled too far from the series and fans didn't like it. So, this year EA makes sure that the original theme is back and more features is added (not much annouced at the moment).

I actually looking forward to these games, is set to release before end of this year. So, get your keyboard and controller ready, these game will let you sit for hours!!!

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