Thursday, 17 June 2010

Review: Prince of Persia

Video game based movies always got bad review, that's a fact... But let's face it, video game adaptation is a fresh genre, which started when everyone plays games in recent years (even the Queen of England plays game). Most of the adaptation resulted of a very bad plot and lousy productions... Will Prince of Persia finally make a video game movies worth watching?

The result is kind of... It's still behind many movies out there right now, but it's already way better than other video game adaptations thrown at us.

The story is a bit wobbly for me, a ousted Prince who needs to prevent a dagger that turns back time fall into the wrong hands. The problem is not with the story itself, is where the characters coming out and gone... The arrangement is just poor. Some characters gone at the early part of the movie like it was forced to do it, then disappear. When the Prince is going to save the world, he comes back and help the Prince... WHAT?!?! And guess what those leading cast doesn't feel Persian at all.

At least the movie make up with good action scenes and decent CG. The movie does live up to the game where Prince Dastan jumping up and down the city, at least it stay to the game formula.

Prince of Persia is not a bad movie and it is not a good movie either. But for the video game based movies, it has improved tremendously. It still got room for improvements, but Prince of Persia has done better than others so far.

Verdict: 3/5


薇薇 said...

i think the worst part is the accent la.
but i watch that with my free movie voucher, so no complaints la :P

shing said...