Sunday, 20 June 2010

Five Games I'm Looking Forward to for the Rest of the Year

E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) has ended, showcases about video games is done and many interesting games are shown there... But five games really caught my eyes, here is the list:

1.) Gran Turismo 5

Reality or Virtual Reality? You Judge

    The game is finally here. Not exactly here, but what I meant is the release date here... As I watched the briefing about the PS3 and the games, Sony exec showed the trailer for the game and a release date at the end of it. It got cheers from the crowd because people have been waiting for the game since 2005 and no date has been given every time they show a snippet... If the date is true (2nd November 2010), you might find me collecting cars and licenses with over 1000 of them... ;p

    2.) Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

    I love Assassin's Creed, I just love the gameplay and the story. The story is about a man, who has the DNA of the Assassins Order, traveled back in time through his DNA and experience what his ancestors experience. During the game, he discovered there was a war that he never knew even existed, the war between the Templars and Assassins, which also involved many famous people throughout the history, including Genghis Khan, Henry Ford, Nicolai Tesla and many others... I can't wait who will I meet up next, alternate history game couldn't be more interesting than this.

    3.) PlayStation Move

    It is not a game, I know I know... Based on the Wii success on their Wiimote (Wii sounds like peeing), Sony decided to fight back with a improved concept based on it, that is the Wiimote. What is different from the Wii is that the Move has a camera (PlayStation Eye) and LED balls on top of the Move. Sony said that will offer more precision than the Wii. Based on the video people recorded with them demo-ing during E3, it did look more closer to 1:1 than the Wii. Da Jie is very interested with the PlayStation Move as she might not need to buy a Nintendo Wii and buy the Move instead.

    4.) Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit

    Ram it or U-Turn. You decide this November

    A game series I finally interested again after years of failure with experimentations with the game mechanics. This entry of the series is developed by Criterion Games, which is famed for it's Burnout series (another racing game). This version is back to the style people loved years back, involving exotic cars, beautiful locales and adrenaline pumping cop chase scene, just like Hollywood. With Criterion at helm, this could be a blast.

    5.) Crysis 2

    The physics engine for the game is crazy

    Another processor hungry game, the first game is so hungry to process graphics it could literally make a PS3 and Xbox 360 melt, only a highly customizable PC with the highest-end specification could make the cut, the rest is bye bye. This time the developers created a new engine that could satisfy Xbox 360, PS3 and lower end PCs playing on beautiful graphics. With the open world gameplay set in the Big Apple, this could be interesting...

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