Friday, 12 March 2010

Do American Got It Right?

Well, the semi-final is over for good, now American Idol moves on to the Top 12... Let's see whether the four contestants eliminated are worth to be kicked:

Katelyn Epperly
A decent contestant yet inconsistant, Katelyn at least showed once she deserved in the Top 12. Yet, she is kicked when placed alongside Paige Miles. When she stood alongside Paige Miles, I said to myself Katelyn is so lucky, she would be going through... I was shocked when she is voted of instead of Paige. Paige Miles, who judges think has a very good voice, consistently lacking behind the whole competition. In singing competition, singing songs that are true to your voice is the key, or change the tune to match your voice, not choose some of your favourite song that you can't relate to. Her rendition of 'Smile' is not on the verge of terrible, it is terrible... Big sympathy for Katelyn, seriously.

Lilly Scott
A very solid front runner but got voted off. It was actually very weird to see her and Katie Stevens standing together, but when they are standing together, I think Katie is going to get through. Katie got advantages because she is a good singer (but haven't got that potential yet), good looks and really young. But why I would pick Lilly Scott instead of her? Because she is much more experience than Katie. Katie for me, she would be like any other 17 years old in the competition, lacking experiences and guts to take on the competition.

Todrick Hall
A overly confident and risky contestant. Todrick changed too much on his first two performances and alienated the audience and his 3rd last performance was unable to save him from elimination.

Alex Lambert

I like his voice, seriously good. Style and voice like James Morrison is very unique in the competition and among all the boys, he deserve to be in the Top 12. Unlike Tim Urban, who has been save by his last performance and his good looks, he could be this year Jason Castro.

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薇薇 said...

i was super shocked when lilly scott was voted out! i like her so much, she's very special!

alex lambert too, i like him. and i dont think tim urban is good looking anyway....