Monday, 21 December 2009


Well, this movie took 15 years in the making and became one of the biggest movie of the year 2009. So, can this movie impress viewers? Yes, it already had.

James Cameron is a very good writer and director, he showed that in Avatar. The pacing of the story is a bit off the pace but as soon as the story progresses, the pace is back to normal. James Cameron done some great lengths to make the Na Vi's world, Pandora believable with scientific explanation and the motives of humans to have war against them there.

To cut the cost down, most of the actors and actresses in the movie, but those actors really played their part nicely. I really think the lead, Sam Worthington, could be a good actor after stealing the limelight from Christian Bale from Terminator Salvation and play lead role in this.

Well, we all wanted to see the movie because of the gorgeous graphics, especially with 3-D. Since the revival of 3-D, this is the most beautiful 3-D movie yet. The Pandora world is so realistic that I starting to believe the crew actually go there and shoot the movie. With coulourful objects and realistic CGI of Na Vi, the whole movie is purely CGI... And it is really gorgeous movie.

Besides the off pacing at the beginning of the movie, James Cameron has done it again to prove he is one of the best out there.

Verdict 4.8/5

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Anonymous said...

It is really gorgeous movie!
I really enjoy watching this movie!