Sunday, 18 October 2009

What I want from Transformers 3...

Well, I love Transformers motion picture, I really do, with amazing CGI and awesome action sequences. But even giving 4.5/5 for the sequel, Revenge of the Fallen, I think the movie is really a failure. Because I'm for the works of people at Industrial Light & Magic (kudos to them), without giving actual ratings on other stuffs.

With Transformers 3 announced to be released in July 4th, 2011, director Michael Bay can make even better with certain point I want Transformers to change as of below:
  • Better story line - Come on, the story is really, I mean REALLY! Abysmal to look at. I never seen a mega blockbuster earning $800 million worldwide had such a horrible storyline. It features no developments and no emotional at all(I don't care at emotion but critics' review is can influence the mind of the audience). Even with Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman, the pair behind the highly praised 2009 Star Trek can't make a story decent enough, the Revenge of the Fallen failed in storyline in a big way.
  • Kill Megan Fox's ccharacter Mikaela early in the movie - She's sexy, I admit, but she just ruined the host lead actress thingy, she is boring, bad acting, unfunny, and rude. Come on, many actress can do that and beat her easily. When I said to my friends during a conversation about Transformers, I said I want her dead in the sequel, some agreed, some don't. For those who don't, are you so desperate for a sexy girl? You can watch some chick flicks or even sit at Borders Bookstore and read FHM or Galaxie and you can find even more sexy girls, or even sexier than Megan Fox.
  • No more jokes with sexual suggestions - I mean it... For a movie to attract general audience, the jokes of the movie, especially Revenge of the Fallen, had stepped over the limit. Many parents and cinema goers, including me, will not take children to the cinema to watch it because of sexual suggested contents inside. If I'm the parents and plan to watch it with my children at the cinema, I would have scrapped the plans if the reviews of the movie has 8 complain about the sexual content out of 10. Even you put it on a male robot humping on female and show its testicles hanging around, Michael Bay in the end defended the film because the audiences are mostly 20s man. If a man crazy in this kind of stuff, he would rather watch pornography right? Who needs it in a blockbuster?
  • Use common sense DUDE!!! - Ya, I know this might be controversial but this is error is too big to ignore it, it is minor problem but it is a bit stupid. After all those Autobots and Decepticons fighting at the city in the first one, how come everyone don't know their existences after all those damages? Another US government conspiracy? It is a bit too huge to hide from the public eyes... During the 2 years in the story time line , no one has ever capture a full video or a full photo of the robots. They have, but they only captured the feet of the robots after the whopping 2 years!!!
These suggestions above could be rejected by people, but I think that is what I think Transformers (especially Revenge of the Fallen) is lacking. I hope Michael Bay make at least some of the changes and make the movie more epic.


rakeback said...

I just rented Transformers on DVD last night and I thought it was entertaning, but not as interesting as the first installment. I think Shia did a great job, but Megan Fox was a liability. The voices of the robots were really cool and the special effects were amazing. I hope the next version is better plot-wise.

Crasher Khoo said...

agreed... totally