Thursday, 15 October 2009

Gran Turismo PSP Review

It's been five years since the first announcement of the game was made. Along this years with no updates or anything whatsoever, many media already consist this game is a vaporware. In June 2009, a new announcement was made, Gran Turismo PSP has finally arrived. But, is the game worth the wait after all this year? Crasher Khoo here think yes, it is...

Every time we say about this game, we always say the graphics. No racing games, or any other games can rival the photorealistic graphics of the series. In PSP, it is one of the best portable graphics out there. It may not rival PS3 with its superior graphic capability, it is certainly look a lot better in PSP's tiny widescreen. It certainly look gorgeous on Sony's portable platform. THUMBS UP!

The Corvette ZR-1 makes a very good impression here, and it is sexy!

With more than 800 cars and 35 tracks to choose from, Gran Turismo is not a game to get bored easily. It does feel a bit boring at the beginning, with only a slow and uninspired BMW 120d in your garage and 10k of credits available. Classic company marques like Ferrari, Bugatti, Lamborghini made debut here, the car list has ever more cars than the upcoming release like Forza Motorsport 3 for the XBOX 360, which only have a mere 400 cars available.

Lamborghini finally made its debut in the GT series

The car dealers format in Gran Turismo Mobile (unofficial name) has its advantage and disadvantage, with only 4 dealers available every time you play. The good things is the players will always play the game to wait for the car they want. The main problem is you might miss the car you want if you don't have enough credit for the car you really want and will always skip if you don't want the car. I played the game until I have 1,500,000 credit and I miss my chance for a 8 million credit Ferrari F2007 F1 car. Geez...

The game also lack a proper career mode. In old GT, you'll need to obtain licenses from driving school to get your racing career up and running. Now the driving school is just a mere bonus game for extra credits. According to its creator, Kazunori Yamauchi, the game new format is to suit the portable platform as people will only play for a short time, in contrast to the console version.

Nothing to praise about here, the game features a lot of sounds effect for each and different cars. I am curious with the Toyota Prius, because it is a hybrid car, it doesn't make a lot of sound, so does the game only have tires sounds when the car is running? hehehez

No Money no Talk, 8 million or walk away

One of the bad points of the game is the soundtrack. How on earth the soundtrack is created, repetitive lyrics, bad groove and it doesn't help you into RACING MODE!!!

Lasting Appeal
I think the game will have an incredible lasting appeal, with more than 800 cars available, and a variety of tracks. This game will not get bored very easily, it will certainly call out to its owners, "COME BACK FOR MORE!"

This is just the virtual tracks, there's more

GT certainly makes a very good and competitive debut at the PlayStation Portable. And it is a very good Gran Turismo 5 PS3 appetizer.

Pros: Godzillion of cars available, classic virtual and real world track remains and lots of varieties to choose from, warm up to PS3 Gran Turismo 5, Ferrari, Bugatti, Lamborghini makes it into the game

Cons: Still no damage, car dealers might not suit some people, no proper career mode, license mode is now an bonus game, Porsche is still not here, repetitive soundtrack

Verdict: 4/5

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