Saturday, 6 June 2009

Terminator Salvation Review

How are you going to make a movie that has been viewed by critics as one of the best movie franchise ever? Well, you have to make it bigger and more exciting... But, the latest installment and reboot of The Terminator, Terminator Salvation just failed to do just that. It has a lot of thrill that the series used to have, but the story a bit seems lost in the process.

One of the major factor in the flop is James Cameron (the guy behind the previous Terminator trilogy) had no involvements in the process. One of his minor contributions is castings of the two lead actors, Christian Bale and Sam Worthington, whom he urged them audition for the role. It turns out to be a big save for the movie, which both of them played their role nicely. This show how good James Cameron is...

The biggest disappointment of the movie has to be the story, this installment lacks the plot to drive the movie. The story seems lost some time when you watching it, making you confused over the plot and feel a bit numb. When writing the story told by Kyle Reese and The Terminator T-800 during the first three movies, when story of AI robot took over, should be very very exciting, but the writers just failed to deliver it. One more complaint to the movie, John Connor (Christian Bale) didn't react to T-800 (Arnold Schwarzenegger), when he (or it) stepping out of the production line, he met him (it) twice in two of the Terminator!!!

But a bit on the bright side, the action is still there, but the style has been altered to less carnage. This time it's like fighting each other between human and machines in war while the old trilogy aimed to create chasing and hiding fight sequence. The movie still making a lot of explosions, phew!

The chief designer of Salvation, Martin Laing is pretty good actually, he made all the machines a bit dirty and rusty compared to originals. The movie shows the story is always at war, so the machines can't always being clean and silver in colour. So the graphics and designs are pretty good.

Verdict: Terminator Salvation might not be as good as the old ones, but with the series so good, the next one can be good if they make some revisions, but not in this one... The movie got the actions, but lacks in story department.


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