Friday, 26 June 2009

Michael Jackson - The King of Pop

I don't think I need to explain why I blog about this legend. Yes, that's right, Michael Jackson had passed away this morning Malaysian time. I was shocked when I listen to the radio this morning, but I never think of that and I think that must be a joke.

But few hours later after school, I entered my mom's car and my mom told me Michael had passed away. I couldn't believe the news and I started selecting every radio stations, all of them played MJ's song, Fly FM,, Red FM, Lite FM, MIX FM... Everyone started calling in the stations requesting Michael's songs, from his Jackson Five days to his Invicible album, and leaving messages to pay tribute to this music legend. Even my physics questions did so...

His music have definately changed the music industry, like forever. If he was not in this industry, our lives will never be the same again. From all-time best selling album, Thriller, to the most controversial album in our time, HIStory, there's always got a lot of hits to let us remember him. With hits like Billie Jean, Beat It, Bad, Black or White, Thriller and so much more, have reflected the pop culture today. Trace today's songs' history and you find their roots are from MJ.

The dance moves he created during his onstage performance and music videos is the highlight of his career and his life. Most of today's dances are based on his original dance and altered it. With his famous moonwalking from the Motown Anniversary and his 45 degree tilt in Smooth Criminal, he is a legend of dancing too, makes every dancer a nobody...

He has big influences on Music Videos too. Before MJ was on his prime, the music videos were bland and features no meaning to the song. With MJ, the song are told through the music videos and making it look like the short film musical. Broadway announced before that they are bringing the 14 minutes long music video into a musical, and that is something special...

Even he was not in his prime, people still always mentions his name, even with the disappointing review of Invicible (his last full album), we still always like him, respect him and listen to his song. When he was in a lawsuit against him, everyone still supported him til the very end, ignoring the news.

To tribute to him, there will be no Lady Gaga's song on my blog and soon will replaced by Michael Jackson's for atleast a week. There will be updates for his performances on stage and on music video. It will be started with few songs below and a tribute video made by me (video blog)...

Thriller, I put this cuz embed is not available.

Michael Jackson

You're Irreplaceable

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