Friday, 27 March 2009

Change the way you drive, not the car

During my grandma's birthday, my uncle told my dad that the latest Proton Saga with fuel economy only 7.2km/L, according to newspaper complain (I think Christopher know what I mean), but according to actual figure is more than 10km/L and a lot more... Everyone in Malaysia auto industry all know Proton Saga is a fuel efficient car.

Than I suddenly think of Top Gear, where the host, Jeremy Clarkson said Toyota Prius (hybrid) is not as fuel efficient as we all think. So, he put Toyota Prius in front with full acceleration and then with a BMW M3 Sedan (Sports car in short) follow the speed of the Prius, which the M3 doesn't need full acceleration. After doing 10 laps, they calculated the numbers. In the end, the Prius consumed more fuel than the powerful M3.

So the lesson, change the way you drive, not the car you drive. You want more? Here's the video to proof:

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盈盈 said...

aiyo, i'm not interested to see the video but i totally agree with you (^^)