Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Are we going backwards on the evolution scale?

I mean seriously!!! Are we actually going backwards on the evolution scale? Come on, why we need Robot Supermodels that can catwalk like this one below?!

I know this is a technology achievement, but we (humans) can still do a catwalk during a fashion show. And still, do these robots look interesting, sexy and cute to you?!?! Think again!!! We still have a lot of beautiful women and good looking men in the whole wide world.

And one more crazy stuff happened during the press conference for this robot's introduction: The robot model already been harassed by the Japanese media and visitors to the press conference. WHAT THE F***?!?!?!?!


薇薇 said...


Just Boliee.™ said...

is ther a need to use robots ?
even crasher can do something like that ! =x
xDD jkjk.

Crasher Khoo said...

sure, if i practice... lolz