Tuesday, 9 December 2008

F1 cars getting ugly

Man, F1 cars is a beauty, the slick design and flat and low car to improve the car aerodynamics on the race track. The speed up to 300++ km/h and still so stable. What an engineering marvel!!!

But recently, a prototype of the future formula one cars are out... and the looks is:


It was a shame, it looks like a toy car more than a machine... Formula One Association, Please NO!!!!!


盈盈 said...

eerrr..... i don't get it. different meh?

Crasher Khoo said...

it's tall and narrow and square-ish

盈盈 said...

hehe, look like same car to me ;p

Chrizto-B™ said...

if u stare long enuff....
its not so bad..
like.. a guy wid big moustache