Saturday, 22 November 2008

The Essay Review of Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3

It's been like 7 years since the Red Alert 2, and 12 years since the original Red Alert was born, people have been waiting for Red Alert 3 for a long time. Now, its officially here and thank god, it looks good, plays good, sounds good and more and more and more...

First, we start up with a Hollywood style movie as an introduction, this has been a tradition to the series. You can view it below, (it looks cool, even though not as good compared to normal Hollywood movie, but it's a game!!!). The story come out, the end of the war between Allied Nations and Soviet Union. Soviets need to change things around, travel back in time and eliminate Albert Einstein, which they think he is too good for the Allied. When the went back to the present and found out Allied was indeed weaken by that, but the Empire of the Rising Sun was born (Japan to be exact).

The movie involved actors like J.K. Simmons (Spider-man), Gemma Atkinson (Hollyoaks [popular in the UK but not here]), Jenny McCarthy (Scary Movie), Kelly Hu (X-Men 2) and the most popular of all, George Takei (Heroes, Star Trek). And forgot to mention David Hasselhoff (Baywatch, Knight Rider) also make an appearance.

Bow to the might of Empire!!!

Okay, lets get back to the game shall we? First of all, the units are all very balanced between 3 of them (Allies, Soviets and Empire), this is what a game like this should be, balance between them. And also, I found out addition of Japan (Empire) is pretty useless. It doesn't mean Empire is bad, it just say that this game is encounter between Allied and Soviets, it's presence here is very small.Break my Tesla defense now!!! No One?!?!

Allied is kinda like old fashion combat, with faster units to attack but less powerful weapon, Allied also good on Air unis. Soviets use more powerful arsenal but less agile to Allied, and better on the ground. Empire however, is the strangest of all, transforming robots?!?!?!Lonely con-yard

New to the series or the whole genre was, cooperative gameplay. The basic concept is get hooked online and find people to play the same mission with you together, while this gameplay is almost impossible when you have that Streamyx around. Don't worry, they will put you with AI to play with. While the enemy always attack you not your co-commander, tell them to defend your base while you build your base... Advice, try hard to connect to internet!!!

Kirov Airship Reporting

1 major issue with the game in the Internet connectivity, it basically won't connect every first try (not only Malaysia). You need to patiently work out with the connection and play online. And before patching, 2 noticeable bugs is the game won't detect mouse clicks and it sometimes can order all your troops back to your base without noticing, which are now resolved
Great game!

Red Alert 3 is indeed a great game, even though with some bugs around. Many people say this is not a true Red Alert game, this is still much of a debate. But entirely, Red Alert 3 achieved what a game on this genre should be and with some bugs (now mostly resolved), plus addition of movie tie-in. This is a game you should try out.

Score: 4/5

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