Tuesday, 30 September 2008

FIFA 09 impressions... Well...

EA released a PC demo of their highly anticipated football (or soccer if you are American Educated) game to the internet. It was a 800 MB download, and it completed in an hour at a speed of whopping 180kb/s, what a speed for Streamyx (or SHITmyx if you really hate it)!!!

After download, is the usual installation process and Xfire detection... After that is GAME TIME!!! Inside the game feature clubs like AC Milan, Read Madrid, Marseille (I think spell like this), Toronto FC (What the?!), and Chelsea which I hate...

But after choosing the team and start a match, I found myself playing like a 3 year old kid. I don't know any of the controls! This never happen when I play FIFA 08. So I set the controls back to FIFA 08 controls and I started scoring! Yipee!!!

Surprisingly, the team I most used to is Chelsea which I really hate. Maybe I watch English Barclays Premier League a lot than other league. Here are some of the funny stuff I made during the game...


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