Thursday, 3 May 2007

Spider-Man 3

I've been waited for this movie for a long time, I am a Spiderman fan!!! Since I watched Spider-Man 2 theaters many years ago, I said to myself: "I must watch the third installment!!!".

Well, yesterday I watched Spider-Man 3, finally all these years... I watched on May 2nd, a day after the premiere date. I wanted to watch the movie on the premiere day and it was fully booked!!! Oh well, I have to watch day 2. Anyway, I doesn't matter to me, as long I can watch this movie.

As the time reached 3.30 pm, the whole crown inside the theater got excited and waited for 15 minutes late because of some boring adverts and trailers, but I saw some exciting trailers like "Pirates of The Caribbean: At World's End" and a very funny comedy "Blades of Glory". But we still can't wait!!!

After that "long" 15 minutes, the movie starts!!! Everybody inside here got excited again!!! We all seems pretty nervous when Spider-Man suits get attacked by that disgusting blue liquid. I can just say: "Woah, Peter Parker (Tobey) gets very bad when he wear that suits"

The graphics of the movie is fantastic, better than the first two movies. I love how they make all the 3 villains, especially Venom, the blue monster, move like partially liquid and partially solid. I just Love it!!!

For those who watched the movie, congratulations, you just watch Movie of the Year!!! For those who didn't watched Spidey on action, go to cinema near you!!!

Overall: 5 out of 5!!!


盈盈 said...

hmm....i want to watch too.
oi, forward some wallpaper to me. the dark spiderman is very cool

Crasher Khoo said...


薇薇 said...

ya!the dark one is nice!if i can get the poster,u want?

i'm sure if i can get,u want!:P

Crasher Khoo said...

Of course I want!!!