Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Driver is the Problem, Not the Car!

The automobile industry is different now, with global warming and the increases in fuel prices. Automobile industry has no choice but try to innovate by using an alternative mode of powering the car like Hybrid engines, plug-ins, Hydrogen cars, reducing weight of the car by trying lighter materials or even longer mileage and fuel saving tires.

One of the most common sight of eco cars right now are Hybrid cars. Hybrid cars are usually powered by a normal combustion engine and with an electric motor assist, which are really economical and low on carbon dioxide emission, which is a good thing for the Earth and the wallets of the drivers. Even on Malaysian roads, Hybrids are popular as well, they usually make up by several car models, Toyota Prius, PriusC, Honda Civic Hybrid, Jazz Hybrid and the sporty looking CR-Z.

Or This??

But I have heard from hybrid car drivers complaining about the cars themselves are not very economical as they promised and advertised, which they feel like it's a rip-off. I couldn't believe them at first, but after driving around the town observing how hybrid drivers drive, I have three possible hypothesis:

  1. The hybrid car is really not as economical as they promised.
  2. There are problems with the car itself
  3. Malaysian drivers are driving like cocks!
Sorry for the harsh word, I couldn't hide my feelings, but what I said is true, Malaysians are driving like maniacs!

What I found it hard to believe it, but it's true. Hybrid cars are designed as fuel-saving economical cars to drive around the city, what I see is people use them as a normal car. For a typical road users here, driving normally is like braking when the car is very close to the car in front, accelerating hard along the highway and swerving left and right.

These driving will result in lower fuel economy, that's for sure. But don't complain that it's the car is not what it was promised! This not only applies to hybrid cars, but cars in general. Don't change cars because you find petrol is expensive, change your driving style, a smooth driving driver will save a lot of fuel than aggressive drivers. I tested before, I drove around the city smoothly with my 1.6L Proton Waja for a few days. After that, calculated the mileage, fuel up petrol and drove around the city in the same travel period and same condition, but this time drove aggressively. I found out if I drive smoothly, I can squeeze out almost 100 km more mileages than aggressive driving in my Waja.

If you still not convinced, watch the video below by automotive entertainment show, Top Gear, in which Jeremy Clarkson tested out the same theory. The first-half of the video is humourous, I admit, but the second half he is absolutely spot on!!

In general, look at yourself before complaining about the car, it might be your own problem!

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