Wednesday, 11 April 2012


Today was supposed to be the day to hang out and enjoy, since it was a public holiday. Me and some of my friends decided to go to Sunway Carnival Mall to watch Battleship and do some shopping.

At around 4.38pm, somewhere at Bandar Acheh, Indonesia, there was a 8.9 magnitude Earthquake happening. The aftershock was felt at Sunway Carnival Mall, which I didn't notice anyway, just followed the crowd and the mall's orders to evacuate to outside. After awhile everyone walked back in and enjoy the usual shopping.

We decided to have dinner because our movie was at 7.45pm and again, at around 7pm, the shocks are felt again!!! And this time is pretty seriously, I can fely it shaking and the lamps swinging left and right. This time everyone felt the tremour and rush to the ground floor without hesitation!

Everybody is going down!!!

After the second shake, Sunway Carnival management decided it is best to closed down the mall for the time being and tell the shops and shoppers to evacuate. GSC announced they're closing the cinema as well and will refund the tickets, THANK GOD!!!

This was a bad moment, but it was quite an experience. Evacuate the mall during emergency, something useful... Let's hope everyone's okay!

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