Wednesday, 20 July 2011

So lucky to get it

Did I tell you about the cheapest 3-D ticket I ever bought? I did.

I was with a couple of my friends decided to watch Transformers: Dark of the Moon in 3-D, cuz that is the version you must go for. I prepared 2 RM50 notes (1 ticket is RM18) to buy 4 tickets.

The cashier then clicked 4 seats and proceed for check out, she told me to pay RM48, I paid it without hesistation. Then, my friend Kah Wai shaked me up and asked me.

KW: Why it is so cheap? Confirm 3-D?
Me: Ya hor, something wrong leh.
KW: Ask her
Me: Okay.

Then I asked the cashier to confirm if it is Transformers 3-D or not, she said yes. I asked about twice, because both of us can't believe what we're paying!!! And we certainly jumped!!!

I later tell Chong Hong and Yong Qin about it, they can't believe it as well, Chong Hong even said I "boom" him about the ticket. He then take the tickets and ask the branch manager about it. The manager looked at it, she paused and lingered for quite a while before answered his question, she then proceed to ask the office about it and they are unsure whether the system has gone wrong or not.

She told us 3-D was not normally this cheap, and since we already paid and the receipt was out, she can't charge us again.


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