Monday, 20 June 2011

Transformers might be the Saviour of 3-D

Let's be honest here, 3-D is getting stale, the technology is nothing more than a gimmick as of late. It is not 3-D is not amazing, but film companies and crews don't know how to utilise the technology. In many film we have seen 3-D effects nothing more than a pop out visuals and nothing else.

We've seen many films using 3-D effects at its best, when it does work, it is truly amazing and breathtaking. For instance, Avatar, which in my opinion is not a great film, but the 3-D of the movie is the best in the business. Director James Cameron utilised the technology well. he used 3-D to focus on the objects he wanted you to focus on while creating depth to other objects which is spectacular, no pop-out, in-your-face kinda gimmick and it worked! Another movie to use well to the technology is last year's Disney sci-fi action movie Tron: Legacy, not as good as Avatar but used the same method and technology of Avatar and it worked as well. The depth and pop-out effects are more balanced than other movies.

Other than these two, do I still have movie which I think that used the 3-D very well? The answer is no, absolutely no. Most of other films are just pure gimmick just to suck up viewers' wallet. Kung Fu Panda 2? Nice but not good enough. The Green Hornet? Nope, conversion 3-D is the worst offender. And the worst is? Clash of the Titans!!! Which my friends complained to me the 3-D is less than 50% of the movie.

The reason of these failures is that all the filmmakers rush their decision to put 3-D effects in their movies, and the results usually backfire. Due to success of Avatar, which is currently the only film that look spectacular and better in 3-D than in 2-D, filmmakers started rushing their movies into conversion mode, which made the images look pasted in to feel "more 3-D".

Why I said the latest Transformers will save 3-D? Because James Cameron, not because he directed it, he actually shared his 3-D technology and crews to Michael Bay, the director of Transformers. When you've seen the 3-D of Avatar, you'll know why I'm so eager to watch Dark of the Moon in 3-D. It is whether to be seen that Michael Bay can actually put the 3-D magic into Transformers, but since I have enjoyed quite a number of his films, I have hopes for that.

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