Saturday, 9 April 2011

Top 5: PlayStation 3 Videogame (No, GT 5 is not No. 1)

I got PS3 over a year back, got a couple of games to play with, including games from my cousin. PS3 is a great system, it got gaming, Blu-ray, internet and much more to play with. Worth every penny.

But PS3 is still primarily for games, so here is my list for the best 5 games I played on my PS3:

5) Killzone 2
Many First Person Shooter don't play well using consoles, but this flagship game design by Sony played well on PS3. And oh boy, it was gorgeous!!! It has exciting combat, intelligent AI and and stunning visuals. But the story and the heaviness of the controls slows it down from more than No. 5.


4) Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony
It is not a full game, but this expansion pack feels like it is. The game can be played more than 12 hours, without counting the side missions. It is a GTA formula: fun, violence and inappropriate for children (I played since 10). This is a game to own when you have a PS3.

3) Assassin's Creed 2
One of the best game in recent years. Assassin's Creed 2 fills you in an Assassin's shoes from the Italian Renaissance era, it based on historical figure and Da Vinci's era. Walk around the beautifully rendered Italy wearing hoodie is very cool, even da jie said the settings is very interesting. What is pulling back from the game is the inconsistency of the graphics frame issues.

2) Gran Turismo 5
Must be a surprise because this game didn't get No. 1 position you guys expected, since I love this game so much. It was one of the best game, but not good enough to get the No. 1. Let's focus why this game is in the list shall we? It is all about car loving, and car enthusiasts like me love it, it has over 1,000 cars, and 200+ models have been rendered beautifully and look more beautiful than in real life (no, seriously). The physics is brilliant, but not as detailed as other games. The graphics are almost photorealistic and sometimes look better than real life. The downside? The game graphics is a bit uneven when look closely, the other cars are not as pretty as others, and the loading and user interface is clunky.

1) Uncharted 2
Yep, this game triumph over Gran Turismo for the No. 1 spot, and it is better, I mean serious. Uncharted 2 is a adventure game, exploring Marco Polo's journals and the quest to find Shangri-La. The story might have been influenced by Indiana Jones, but it is better than Steven Spielberg's and George Lucas' fourth installment of Indiana Jones. The game have very good sequences and brilliant set piece, make it feel like you're watching playing a Hollywood movie.The graphics is like OMG, so lifelike and believable, from tropical forest in Borneo to the icy mountain in Tibet, the game never ceased to amaze. This is a must have for PS3 owners and gamers. With the sequel on the way, this game is a highly recommended.

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