Saturday, 17 July 2010

Top 5 Websites I Can't Live Without

Internet seems to be on everyone's lives these days, so do I... There are some websites I can't live without, here is the top 5 of the list

No. 5

I am a geek actually, I love techs on all sorts of stuffs like cars, TV, gadgets, HD, phones, laptops, PCs and many many more. CNet is on of the tech websites I visit regularly to get those tech news and other stuff related to it...

No. 4

Everyone knows I am a car enthusiast, can talk about cars for hours. I enjoy cars from those small hatchbacks to those V8 supercar... Love the rumbling sound of the engines and the burning rubbers... Autoblog gives me a lot of details about cars that we don't see everyday in Malaysia (you know lah!)

No. 3

I guess a lot of people also can't live without this as well. Since the born of YouTube, I have watched thousands of videos online without the need of downloading it, thus reduced the fear of computer viruses. Whenever I want to watch videos, is YouTube...

No. 2

I guess many people think this one will be on the No. 1 spot, you'll find out who snatched from it. Guess how many of my friends are not on Facebook? None (technically speaking)... That statement says it all...

No. 1

Well, Google is Number 1 on the list due to one thing, its dominance... The search engine is the best for many many years, can search literally unlimited number of sites in no time. After Google search came out, I rarely touch other search engines since then (ie Yahoo!, Bing, Ask and so on). And Google brand is everywhere, Google News, Google Translate, Google Map, Google Earth, YouTube (owned by Google), Google Chrome, iGoogle, Google Chrome OS, Android and others. It is just part of a huge list, imagine to full list of service...

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