Saturday, 28 February 2009

Crasher - Evolution of a Nickname

Well, you heard about this name a lot at the internet (Weird weird websites of course), even my blog. "Crasher" this name has been used by me for a long long time. So how and when my internet alias change from Khoo Jia En into Crasher.

It all started way back into the first day I own a PlayStation console, the console that changes we play videogames. I use my original name, Khoo Jia En for most of my gaming nickname. As soon as I got one of my favourite games of all time, Crash Team Racing!!! The game is fun, family orientated, and even my sisters can join me into the game, it was so fun!!! After playing the game for weeks, I like to use the protagonist (Crash), this is where I started using nickname with Crash in it. Every game can enter names, I used it.

After using Crash for a long time, I got another rediculously gorgeous Burnout 3: Takedown. With that game, you can do stunts, crashes, race, takedowns and more. I am so good at the game, my friend Kah Wai began calling me Crasher.

After many times he called me Crasher, I'm thinking "this could be a good nicknames for my online games".

That's how my Crasher alias began. You can find me with nickname Crasher with alternations like:
  • Crasher7 (Most common to be found around the internet)
  • Crasherkhoo
  • Crasher92
  • Crasher47
  • Crasher1992
  • Crasher_7


薇薇 said...

yeah! crash team racing is fun :P

Crasher Khoo said...

one of the best game yet!!!

Anonymous said...

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