Sunday, 13 April 2008

Command & Conquer: Kane's Wrath review

Well, the wait is finally over. One of the highly anticipated game (expansion pack) of 2008 is finally here. But all people is asking, is it worth the wait. I said it is, but how good?

Here's a brief information, this is the expansion pack of last year hit, Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars (above green cover), it covers over 20 years of the Brotherhood of Nod from the fall after the Second Tiberium War till the cliffhanger of the Third Tiberium War. You assumes the role of LEGION, a supercomputer capable of command the whole troops in the battlefield and win the battle.First I need to talk about the game cutsence, it is mad!!! It reminds when I first played videogame back in 1995 when I started playing Red Alert my sister gave me. Now the video is shown in HD, the video is even better and sleeker. Click the Youtube play button to see the first video in the game. The 3 of the main characters is shown below the review.

Anyway continue with the review, the stories in the game is extremely good, it explain some of the things missing in the first game. But I found something disappointing things in the story, you can only play one side in the game, that's only the Brotherhood of Nod. I can't play GDI or the alien Scrin in the game, but only in Online, Skirmish and Global Conquest. And also, the story feel like it's jumping around.

Besides, the most talked about things before the game launched was the units available to play. We not only just get 3 factions to play in the game, we got 9 faction to play with. 3 is the main faction, the other 6 is sub factions, 2 for each. But each new faction doesn't add much units. But I was impressed by the epic units (just below pic). While the epic units is expensive and only one can be built at a time, but when it is deployed it can turn the battle in your favour. It is good when you are losing or when you find yourself difficult in attacking enemy defences. And it can crush tanks!!!!

We're playing Command & Conquer not just for the campaign, but also for the Skirmish mode and the Multiplayer mode. Both mode are virtually the same, just that the Skirmish is against the AI and the Multiplayer is against the worldwide player. I found something frustrating about the Multiplayer mode, is that is difficult to connect to server, it might caused by slow streamyx connection.The latest addition to the series is the Global Conquest mode (below). The goal is simple, wipe your enemy off the map. But it was difficult to conquer the Earth full of Tiberium, it tooks some time to get used to the mode.
Finally, I have to conclude the review. My verdict is, while the game doesn't change the core gameplay very much, but it's still the traditional RTS game should be. As for the fans of the series, this will suck you in for hours for the game, and nothing can stop you. It simply addictive.

Pros: great story to tell, same old C&C, movie-like cutscene is back, Kane is still like a maniac, 6 sub factions, awesome epic units.

Cons: story in campaign feel disjointed, nothing new to the units, sub factions are same as main factions.

Final Score: 8.5/10


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