Tuesday, 22 January 2008

New Proton Saga... Looks nice

On Jan 18th 2007, Malaysian car maker, Proton, launched the latest model to the Proton family... Named Saga (codenamed BLM), a replacement for the 22 year-old car.

On the looks, it looks, I personally like the looks of the car. It was stylish and finally replace the old an ugly Proton Saga, which is still doing good in 22 years, but it's old... Time for a change.

Proton had finally do some homework and make the new saga look great. Starting from RM31,000 to RM 39,000, it is cheap. I went to the showroom and have a look on the inside, it's fabulous, the built quality don't feel much like a plastic anymore. The car comes with 1 standard airbag, which is good for a cheap car like this.

I haven't have a taste on this new car's performance yet. But from the looks of it, it will perform well. I know the latest Campro engine from Persona has a lot of improvement from old Campro engine like Gen-2 and Savvy, which all of them are craps!

This car is doing a good job, Proton finally learned from their mistakes and make one good sedan for the road.

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薇薇 said...

ask da jie to buy la~:P